Room Hire

The council have the following rooms availble for booking.

Comfortably holds up to 30 People
Can be set out to suit your needs


This is the largest room holding up to 100 people with an attached kitchen. Includes Piano and water dispenser


Holds 50-70 people and can be arranged in numerous formats. Very light room.
Kitchen next door


Formal quality meeting room


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Rules and Regulations when hiring a room in The Institute Building, Caernarfon

In order to comply with Fire Regulations please adhere to the following simple rules

Each group renting a room at the Institute MUST.

  1. Ensure a nominated official within the group knows how many people are in attendance at any one time (Coffee Mornings would be be the only exception)
  2. Ensure everyone knows where the meeting point is- top of the hill , keeping the road clear for Emergency vehicles
  3. Ensure everyone knows that our fire alarm will be tested every Monday at 9.15
  4. All plugs MUST be removed before you leave the room at the end of your session
  5. All doors must be kept shut, please do not wedge open.
  6. If using the Peblig Room, please ensure the outer door remains open,and hooked. Also if the kitchen is in use the door to the kitchen should remain open
    and the hatch MUST be re-locked after use

In the event of the FIRE ALARM sounding

  1. Ask your party to leave via the stairs in an orderly manner without delay
  2. Nominated official to take roll call at the Assembly point and report to a member of staff who will inform the Emergency services of any missing persons.
  3. If you have any members of your party who are dependant on the lift due to disabilities please liase with a member of staff in order to adopt a Buddy system Your nominated official must be aware of the arrangement

1. Please inform a member of staff on site at the earliest convenience, so that the relevant paper work can be completed


To print a copy of The Institute Building Rules and Regulations - click here

Acceptance room hire declaration form - click here


Children are not permitted to use the kitchen.

It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the Council's property is not damaged, and will be expected to pay the costs arising from any damage. All crockery which has been used in the kitchen must be cleaned after use.

All contacts must provide a telephone number and address, please.

It is expected that local charities will pay a general rate except for coffee mornings for free.

Private companies, departments and government will be expected to pay the higher rate.

Payments are expected within 6 weeks of the hired event.