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Public Consultation on Annual Fireworks Display Launched

Fireworks Display

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Caernarfon Town Council is excited to announce the commencement of a public consultation regarding its much-anticipated annual fireworks display, co-organised with the help of Caernarfon Lions. The council invites residents and stakeholders to share their opinions and suggestions on various aspects of the fireworks event, which is scheduled to take place on November 5th. The consultation aims to gather valuable feedback to ensure an inclusive and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

As part of its commitment to enhancing community engagement and involvement, Caernarfon Town Council actively organises or supports numerous events throughout the town such as the successful free to attend Gŵyl Fwyd Caernarfon Food Festival, the evening of turning on the Christmas lights and Remembrance Sunday. The annual fireworks display is a cherished tradition that brings together residents, visitors, and local businesses and this public consultation represents the council's dedication to creating an event that reflects the desires and preferences of the community it serves.

The Council is aware of different approaches to fireworks displays in other towns, raising important considerations about their impact on pets, individuals with sensitivities, and the environment. Some organisers have opted for silent fireworks displays to avoid distressing pets and individuals who may find loud explosive noises traumatic. Others have explored alternative events in consideration of environmental concerns.

To gather opinions on these matters and to inform the planning and arrangements for this year's fireworks display, Caernarfon Town Council has initiated a public survey. The survey can be accessed through the council's website and Facebook page, and you can also register for a chance to win a £20 voucher to spend at Galeri. For those who prefer paper copies or face any technical difficulties, physical surveys are available upon request from the Institute building.

The public consultation is set to run until June 16th, during which time residents are encouraged to participate and share their views on various aspects of the fireworks display. The council values the input of its community and recognizes the importance of incorporating diverse perspectives into the decision-making process.

Following the closure of the survey, the results will be thoroughly analysed, and the findings will be announced during the council's meeting in July. Caernarfon Town Council is committed to transparency and aims to provide clear and timely updates to the community regarding the outcomes of the consultation. The council will work collaboratively with Caernarfon Lions and all stakeholders to ensure they reflect the wishes of the community it represents.

Paper copies of the survey can be obtained upon request from the Institute building.

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