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Caernarfon Royal Town Council has 17 Members (Councillors) representing the 4 Wards of the town, namely Peblig (5 members), Seiont (4 members), Menai (4 members) and Cadnant (4 members) 

Elections to community and town councils in Wales take place every 4 - 5 years, and the next elections will be in May 2022. 

The Council has a number of committees, namely: 

  • Full Council (meets on the first Tuesday of each month (except August); 
  • Planning Committee; 
  • Entertainment Committee; 
  • Finance Committee 
  • Works Committee; 
  • Personnel Committee.  

The duties of the Council include but are not limited to the following :

  • providing financial, administrative and secretarial support for projects in the town,   
  • managing the Institute Building,  
  • maintaining some of the town’s bus shelters, 
  • managing a number of annual events held throughout the year, such as Remembrance Sunday, Garden Competition, St David’s Day Celebrations; 
  • cleaning the toilets at the new Cemetery in Llanbeblig; 
  • supporting the County council with street cleaning and grass cutting; 
  • installing Christmas lights in town;  
  • maintenance of the war memorial. 

The Council elects a Mayor and Deputy Mayor each year, and staff members assist them to run Council services. 

The Council has representatives on a number of relevant bodies in the town and beyond, which seek to deliver schemes that grow the town's economy. Caernarfon is twinned with Landerneau (Brittany) and Trelew (Patagonia). 

The Council is currently working on a circular economy project to recycle and reuse resources for the benefit of the community and it is hoped that one of the outcomes of the project will be an increase in footfall on Pool Street. The scheme is called O Law to Law (the O Law i Law shop has taken over the former Holland & Barrett building), and details of the O Law i Law scheme can be found here.

The Council's Annual Report details many of the Town Council's activities. The annual report for 2020/21 can be found here.

The local authority, namely Gwynedd Council, is responsible for things not mentioned here, for example housing and recycling, There is a link to Gwynedd Council's website at the bottom of this page.